“And what’s your name? Vurlie? Fairla? Verlou? – Just call me Lucy”. Lucy is English for Veerle.

“Call Me Lucy”, indie pop from Brussels. Catchy, danceable and so beautiful.


September 2019

Yes folks, the best of album is finally out!! Stream away on your favourite platforms! Here’s the Spotify one!

August 2019
After a little break and doing other stuff (writing instrumental piano compositions and making hear plays for Delhaize’s Magic Vegetables!) Lucy is back!
Some new tunes are ready to be finalized – stay tuned about that! – and for the occasion Lucy is re-releasing some of the older hit singles on Spotify and the likes!
More info soon!


Some ‘older’ songs made their way up to the semi finals of the International Songwriting Competition out of 19000 entrees!!

Stay tuned for the latest updates. One of the judges of the finals is no one less than Tom Waits! Imagine that 😉




13/01/19 – GC De Kroon. More info TBA

28/02/19 – DKKatine, GC De Kroon